A Comparison of Jazzedge Sites

Jazzedge, formed in 2000 with our first site, JazzPianoLessons.com. From there we grew into several different sites to serve the needs and budget of students around the world. Below is a short description of each site. Visiting each individual site will also give you more details.
Jazzedge Academy
Jazzedge Academy is our main site that holds pretty much every lesson that we've created. Only the HomeSchoolPiano lessons are not included with Jazzedge Academy. The Academy is great for beginners to professionals. With over 1,000 hours of lessons the Academy boasts more content than you'll find in any other online music site.

Jazzedge Academy is divided into LessonsClasses and Coaching which gives students the ability to tailor a membership to their particular needs and budget.

Jazzedge Academy Has (3) Membership Options:

Membership Type

Membership Benefits


A Lessons-only membership to Jazzedge Academy gives you access to all 1,000+ recorded lessons. Jazzedge Academy combines together lessons from PianoWithWillie, Jazzedge and our micro-sites like Cocktail Piano Lessons, Play Blues Piano, Summer Piano Jam, Jazz Christmas Music and others. See the lesson library.

With a lessons-only membership, you will never be at a loss of material to work on. Lessons are for all skill levels and cover everything from Jazz to Blues, Latin to Gospel and Rock to Funk. There are even classical lessons in the Academy.


A Classes-only membership to Jazzedge Academy gives you access to all live and recorded classes. This includes "Just Standards", "Practical Music Theory & Reharmonization", "Jazz Piano", "Pop/Rock Piano" and others.

Classes started with Jazzedge Academy and every week live classes are held where students can interact live with a Jazzedge teacher. See the class schedule.

In addition to live classes, students have a library of class replays available to them. When a class is finished (live session ended) the recording of the class goes into the class library. Classes are not added to the lesson library.


A Coaching-only membership to Jazzedge Academy gives you access to weekly coaching sessions with a Jazzedge teacher. A coaching membership lets you get feedback on your playing and direction on what to practice next.

These group coaching sessions are a great way to stay focused. With a coaching membership you can also submit a video of your playing for review by a teacher, allowing you to get the teacher's reply in the coaching replay.

This means you're able to get coaching, even if you can't join live.


A Premier membership to Jazzedge Academy gives you full access to all areas of the site. This includes all lessons, classes and coaching sessions.
HomeSchoolPiano is our site to teach absolute beginners how to play the piano. With 18 units, the rhythms and technique that you learn at the beginning of each unit carry over into the reading, song and improvisation learned later in the unit.

It takes most students 2-3 years to complete HomeSchoolPiano.

Solo or Family memberships are available to allow parents to track the progress of up to 5 students per household.
Jazz Piano Lessons
Jazz Piano Lessons (JPL) is a great site if you are interested in learning jazz, blues and technique. All of the lessons in JPL are already found in Jazzedge Academy, so no need to be a member of JPL if you already have an Academy membership.

You’ll learn proper technique, how to play standards, how to improvise, jazz theory, chords and progressions. JPL is great for all levels, especially beginners to jazz piano.

Jazz Piano Lessons is divided into 3 courses that are extremely structured. Forget about flipping around Youtube for the next lesson. Jazz Piano Lessons gives you the structure you need to make solid gains in your piano practice routine.
Summer Piano Jam
Summer Piano Jam (SPJ) is a Lifetime-membership site. This means you pay once and own access to the content for life. In Summer Piano Jam you'll learn jazz, improvisation and of course, the blues!

Summer Piano Jam is a structured program of study with levels for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced students.

Inside you'll learn how to play blues piano, you'll learn improvisation techniques and more!

Purchasing access to Summer Piano Jam gives you access to all content found in SPJ!
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